Artist Jeff Fozard

Elk Scene on ivory with wood base
Elk Scene by Jeff “Fuzzy” Fozard

Jeff “Fuzzy” Fozard is a scrimshaw artist from the northwest Arkansas area that has been scrimming for about six years. As he states in an email “I am retired from my second job and I’m doing scrimshaw still as a hobby.  I’ve been scrimming for about 6 yrs now.  I started making powder horns for muzzle loaders about 25-30 yrs ago.  One weekend at a gunshow here in NW Ark. a man who is a scrimshander came by my table and looked at my horns.  He said I should do bone and ivory, that it was a lot easier than horns.  He gave me the website for Boone Trading in WA state.  Well, over the past 6 yrs and a $1000 or so, I’ve come a long way.” Jeff works on horn, mammoth and other ivories and shows his work at gun shows in the area. Below you can see a small sampling of his work: Scrimshaw on Hippo Tusk by Jeff FozardScrimshaw on Fossilized Mammoth Tusk by Jeff FozardScrimshaw on Walrus Tusk by Jeff FozardJeff has also done work on commission and sold some at auction: “…The two knives together were one for the guy who requested me do the work.  The other was for an auction.  Texas Blockhouse is an organization that manages over 4000 acres of land in Northern PA.  Texas and Blockhouse are two creeks/rivers up there.  The club has been operating since 1912.  The one knife was for their 100th Anniv.  I charged him $70/knife.  The one for auction brought $130 at the auction.  I was very happy and surprised that they bid that much.  The attachment is of the two knives that Bruce wanted me to scrim.  The one with his name on it was for him.  The other was for the auction.  When the man who does the custom knives bought three of the rose pendants from me really threw me for a loop.  To have a professional like him buy three of my pieces.  One for his wife and his two daughters asked for the others.”  Bookmarks Thar She BlowsHendrix 4-knife key fob Texas Blockhouse A Rose pendant

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  1. Jim, I have a 20 inch long walrus tusk that I bought 40 years ago. Its 200 years old. I’ll sell it if interested?

    I used to do scrimshaw, but never got around to doing this nice piece.

    Best Regards

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