“BradyBlock – An Excellent Tool for Engravers and Scrimshaw Artists

Brady Block (aka KleinBlock)The BradyBlock is a great tool for scrimshanders and engravers alike.  Allowing you to not only turn your piece 360 degrees, you can also tilt it easily getting the best angle without having to readjust your lighting.  Your piece is held by a piece of putty or other adhesive material that does not “give” too much, yet holds it firmly. The base is small and lightweight, and you don’t have to secure it to the table, although a small piece of non-slip material underneath it may be advantageous (experimenting will yield your best results).

Made in the USA by an artist/engraver that uses what he makes, this is a great tool for the serious artist.

Click on http://www.powleyengraving.com/profitcenter.htm and scroll down to find this and other offerings by Brian Powley.

See the Youtube video here:

3 Replies to ““BradyBlock – An Excellent Tool for Engravers and Scrimshaw Artists”

    1. Hi Colton,
      I just tried the link and he’s taken down the page. I’ve sent an email to him, and if there’s any chance he’s still making them I’ll be glad to email and post the prices.

    2. Hi Colton, they just got back to me, they are updating their website, are currently out of stock, they’ll be making more. You can contact them directly by emailing brian[at]powleyengraving.com. Let them know you found them on scrimshaw.com since we’ve been emailing back and forth.

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