Canadian Scrimshaw Artist Wanted

We just received an inquiry about an interesting project for a scrimshaw artist in or around Nova Scotia:

“… Hi,

I live in Nova Scotia (Canada) and am looking for a scrimshander who can do a traditional 19th century monogram on top of an old wooden pocket watch box. (There’s a small ivory plate in the middle of the top cover that was intended for just such a monogram.)

It’s a very small job, but I’d like it to be completely in keeping with the style of the pocket watch box, which was made in the mid-1800’s. I’d like to get it just right.

Can you recommend someone close by us? If there’s no one here in Eastern Canada, we do often travel down to Maine and Massachusetts.

Thanks for your help!


Interested scrimshanders should contact Catherine at catherine.mckinnon[at], replacing the [at] with the proper @ (writing it this way helps keep spam out of Catherine’s mailbox).

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