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Mystery Artist 35 – From Alaska

Pewter and ivory bracelet of a ship in full sail

“This is a scrimshaw bracelet (pewter) that was a gift to me in 1975. It is from a friend in Alaska who said that he was told it was an antique when he bought it. It is about 2″ in

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Mystery Artist 33 – Owl Sculpture PS

This diminutive owl is carved into an unknown material that appears to be either ivory or bone.  An excellent amount of detail, the upper left edge shows an edge that may be from a mold, but I cannot tell.  The

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Mystery Artist 32 – “B” Whale

Severiano from Ohio writes: “I have had this for many years. Do you know who this artist is that signs with the letter “B” ?” Not sure if this is a tusk tip or a whale tooth, hope to get

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Mystery Artist #29 – A. Luiz

This is a beautiful scrimshaw that appears to be on fossilized ivory by A. Luiz.  The signature matches similar signatures of Alan Luiz (see  His full name is signed on “African Royalty” (, and on a number of miniature nantucket baskets.

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Mystery Artist 28 – “GH”

  Expertly crafted scrimshaw butterfly on diminutive oval cabochon. Initials GH on the back. Owner would like to know more about the artist and the piece. Feel free To comment in the section below.

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