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Scrimshaw projects both current and past will be chronicled here

Leopard in the Night – Initial Scrimming

Been so busy with gardening (and a gardening book) I haven’t had time to scrimshaw. Kept my eye out for materials, though, finding cow hooves (which I may give to the dog), then I ran across horn tips and decided

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Starting a New Scrimshaw

  Finally starting a new piece of scrimshaw!  It’s been awhile, and I needed something away from most of the electronics.  With the phone in my back pocket and turned off so I don’t accidentally dial anyone (“Sorry, I fat

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Lighthouses, Ghosts and Selling Scrimshaw

“A scrimshaw without a story is just scratches on bones.” – Saul T.; Sailor   Okay, I made that up, though if you think about it awhile you’ll find it’s basically true. Visiting an old whaling town and walking the

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Scrimshaw Cabin Fever Roundup – Go Build Something

Scrimshaw Cabin Fever Roundup – Go Build Something  (or find someone who does) to Showcase Your Scrimshaw It’s been bitter cold here, and I’ve been getting cabin fever as well as the need for making something bigger to showcase my

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Basket Topper Coloring and Setting

Finished my present to my lovely bride – she requested lavender and blue for the flowers so I set to work. Below are the progressive pics up through gluing and the finished product. [Show slideshow] The scrimshaw “basket topper” was

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