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Kraken Scrimshaw – SOLD

Kraken Scrimshaw completed and under glass

Finally finished the Kraken scrimshaw with a coat of archival wax and a couple of touchups. “The Kraken is a mythical sea monster first documented in 1250 in Iceland. Pierre Denys de Montfort penned the original illustration in 1801, after

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Kraken Blog – The Home Stretch

Kraken scrimshaw - Just a little clean up and it's complete!

After starting a truss rod cover for fun, then realizing I just committed to making a left-handed cover instead of the right handed cover intended, I went back to the Kraken to fill in the waves and darken it down

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Kraken Scrimshaw Collage

This is a flash based collage made on VuVox showing the kraken from initial “wrap” to it’s latest incarnation.  Far from complete, it’s interesting to see how it’s progressed over time.

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Kraken Blog – Waves Started

Kraken Scrimshaw - started filling in waves

Finished the rat lines, started the waves.  On the original, the waves were created as many fine lines for the dark water leaving areas blank for the white caps.  The upper right where I started I scribed very lightly, and

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Kraken Blog – The Rat Lines

Rat lines are the rope ladders the sailors use to climb up the masts to tie down, release and maintain the sails and rigging of a ship. On the hapless ship in this illustration, all of the sails were tied,

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How-To Scrimshaw a Dragon – Videos

dragon scrimshaw color

Awhile back, I had made some videos of creating a scrimshaw based on a dragon tattoo.  This step by step video is broken into three parts. How to Scrimshaw a Dragon - This is one of many ways of transferring your

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Kraken Blog – More Shading

DSCF3095-scrimshaw kraken - More shading

Adding more shading, you can see that in many ways, you are destined to work with the darkest(deepest) stipple-dots you created when you first began your piece.  The initial dots were done with my original tool, just sharpened, while the

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