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Juma – A Composite Ivory Alternative

What is Juma? Juma consists of a mixture of different mineral based materials in a resin component. Unlike casein juma can be thermoformed using boiling water (according to Atlas Billiard supply.  Haven’t tried it yet myself). Where does it come

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Sealing Bone Scales – Take 2

Last time, we tried just filling the voids in the bone scales with wax. This gave us spotty results – literally. Working with a couple of different formulations of cyanoacylate, we’re at the point of – still looking. We attempted

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1/4″ Corian Sheets from Inventables

Some of the joys of living rural include having bear, moose and coyote traipse through your yard and sample your garden, send the dog into chaotic spasms of barking and howling and having neighbors farther away from you than you

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Casein “Plastic” for Scrimshaw – an Excellent Ivory Alternative

We have been working with a sheet form of casein for several months now and so far it’s the best alternative material we’ve found.  Made in England, the material comes as either one extremely large sheet, or the company is

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Corian: Ivory Alternative

Originally Posted in the Newsletter 2014-09-14 Corian is a material most often used for countertops and sink tops made by DuPont. The material is an acrylic polymer mixed with alumina trihydrate (ATH). ATH is suspended throughout the material giving it

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