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There are only a few tools you need to scrimshaw: a scribe, a strong light, and some magnification. The tools we’ve come across that work well are reviewed here.

Transferring an Image to Ivory – Graphite Paper

Graphite paper is similar to the old “carbon paper” they used to use back in the day.  A few sheets can go a long way, especially if you are doing small jewelry cabochons.  Simply cut out a piece and place

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“BradyBlock – An Excellent Tool for Engravers and Scrimshaw Artists

Brady Block (aka KleinBlock)

The BradyBlock is a great tool for scrimshanders and engravers alike.  Allowing you to not only turn your piece 360 degrees, you can also tilt it easily getting the best angle without having to readjust your lighting.  Your piece is

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Archival Wax

Renaissance Wax Cannister

“…and coated with an archival wax…” So what is it? Archival wax is a preservative coating that protects an object from dust, dirt and fingerprints while allowing it to “breathe”.  Unlike a varnish, this type of coating does not seal

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Stereo Microscope for Scrimshaw (and soldering)

boom arm microscope for scrimshaw

This is a classic low-power microscope. The binocular 10X-20X stereo microscope on a boom-arm with a light gives clear sharp images. It’s widefield eyepieces, 45° inclined eye tubes and rubber eyeguards ensure an easy observation. The boom-arm stand allows you to

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Scrimshaw Tools – The Coulter Precision Scribe

Coulter Precision scribe above a quarter

The Coulter Precision scribing tool was first brought to my attention by Bob Hergert during an interview a couple of years ago.  Since then, I had hemmed and hawed, decided that my tools work just fine, and I can sharpen mine

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