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Mystery Artist 34 – BB

An interesting set of scrimshaw jewelry with the initials “BB” and… “My wife acquired a silver scrimshaw bracelet and ring in the 70’s, along with what she was told is a penile bone ring. We would appreciate any info you

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Fascinating Film About Scrimshaw

Ran across this site as I was testing the internet.  Mesmerizing and short film, along with some great pics below it:

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Mammoth Ban Bandwagon

Mammoth dragging states in wagon

There are currently four states that have banned the sale of mammoth ivory, and more are attempting to copy/paste it into their legislation.  The four states are currently: New York, New Jersey, California & Hawaii. What is the reason behind

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Mystery Artist 33 – Owl Sculpture PS

This diminutive owl is carved into an unknown material that appears to be either ivory or bone.  An excellent amount of detail, the upper left edge shows an edge that may be from a mold, but I cannot tell.  The

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Mystery Artist 31 – W.E.S.

Back of a carved ivory cuff link with the initials WES - Mystery Artist 31

Carvings in ivory and bone are also considered scrimshaw, and these are a perfect example. Mark W. in Florida writes: “I have attached three photos of a tie clasp and cuff-link set with the signiture W.E.S. or perhaps W.E. Sr..

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