Cathy Grandalski – Scrimshaw Artist in Illinois

Snowy Owl by Cathy Grandalski on free form cabochonFrom the Land of Lincoln, Cathy Grandalski is a scrimshaw artist and engraver with a talent for capturing the essence of wildlife along with an excellent eye for color. I’m always drawn to owls, though her floral image is one I’m very impressed with: it has the essence of those antique lithographs from back in the day.

We’re corresponding with Cathy to find out more information and will be posting it on this page soon.

Color Floral arrangement by Cathy Grandalski on square cabochon

More of her work can be seen at:


Pistol handles by Cathy Grandalskiscrimshaw freeform cabochons by Cathy Grandalski scrimshaw bearded jolly rogers by scrimshaw freeform cabochons by Cathy Grandalski