Commission Scrimshaw Request

Just got this and figured I’d float it up to the top of the blog:

from jess_ru[at]

Greetings!  I am looking to commission a scrimshaw artist to customize a viking drinking horn.  I aim to allow a lot of artistic freedom with the design.  My only request is that the design in some way pays homage to the Viking god Ullr and incorporates the family name Larson.  Any interested parties?

Anyone interested can contact Jess by replacing the [at] in the address above with the @ sign (we do this so they won’t get hit with spam).

according to

He excels in archery and in skiing and lives in his hall Ydalir (“yew dales”). He is regarded as the son of Sif and the stepson of Thor. When the giantess Skadi divorced Njord she married Ull. In Norse mythology,Ullr is a son of Sif and a stepson of Thor.”

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