Damascus & Camel Bone Scrimshaw – Commissioned Scrimshaw by Jason Webb

Top view of the Damacus folder with custom scrimshaw by Jason R. Webb
Click on the picture to see the whole process!

I always think I’m busy, but Jason has the goods to prove he never sits idle.  His latest work is a commissioned scrimshaw on a camel bone Damascus folder.  Hand delivered no less!  Scrimshawing bone is always a challenge since there are voids where there were once capillaries.  Careful successive sanding and polishing helps but there always seems to be one that you missed.  So far I haven’t seen any on Jason’s work, another testament to his patience and thoroughness.  I’m sure the proud owner of this knife will get years of enjoyment from Jason’s hard work.  Way to go, Jason!

You can see Jason’s work and attention to detail on his step-by-step photo page.

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