Jason Webb’s Second Mammoth Scrimshaw Sailing Ship – SOLD

Jason R. Webb's Mammoth Display Piece #2 front - a ship in full sail. Jason Webb is a new dad but still finds time to scrimshaw beautiful works of art. His second mammoth ivory ship has Jason’s signature style.  At 4″x 2-1/2″ it’s astounding how much detail is packed into the piece without making it too “busy”.  Jason has a keen eye for balance as well.

The piece is signed and dated by Jason, and comes with it’s own stand (which I believe may be mahogany, but you’ll need to verify that with him).  Inquiries can be made to Jason by emailing JasonWGuitar+Mammoth2@gmail.com with “Mammoth 2” in the subject line.  Congratulations on your fatherhood Jason, and to finding the small pockets  of time to recharge with a creative outlet like scrimshaw and sharing it with everyone.Back of Jason R. Webb's second Mammoth Scrimshaw  Ship with Date, Signature and "Mammoth Display Piece #2"

Update: 1/31/2015 Jason’s second sailing ship on Mammoth ivory has sold.  Have any designs you’d like Jason to create, or have a special scrimshaw project in mind?  You can contact Jason at jasonwguitar@gmail.com.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Andrew, also this ship was recently purchased, so I am very happy for that! Anyone out there reading this, email me at:


    I’m ready to work on whatever you can think of, portrait, ship, etc.. ☺

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