Kraken Blog – Masts are up, Planks are Set

Scrimshaw of the Kraken as of 2012-04-15 Masts and planks completedA little time this morning to work on the Kraken, I am using a line technique on most of the ship, and staying with the stipple technique on “Oscar” – or whatever I decide to call him.  According to some legends the Kraken was either just a giant octopus or a cross between a squid and a crab.  Either way, you’d have to boil a lot of water to cook him.  Photographed here on the remnants of one of my favorite t-shirts (much to my wife’s satisfaction!) in the full sun. Since the garden awaits, I’ll be putting it away for awhile again, and tend to other matters. The scrimshaw artists page has been added and updated, please don’t be shy if you would like to be included here.

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