Little Scrimshaws

Lady and Dragon scrimshawed into alt. ivory for a letter openerFamily illnesses and busy schedules keep me from larger works such as the “Lady and the Dragon” (or – as the iPhone tried to correct “Lady and Dragged on”…), but smaller scrimshaws for local venues can be dovetailed into a busy day.  Twenty minutes here, fifteen minutes there allows me to keep the muscle memory for post-holiday times when I may actually be able to devote more time to scrimshaw.

Continuing to work with ivory alternatives due to more states making mammoth ivory illegal to sell, I’m still finding galalith the closest material to ivory, though I am impressed with some of the other alternatives offered by   I have some of the cattle bone in the drawer waiting to try.  Hopefully in 2018 I’ll have the time to devote to finding the best way to seal it, there may be a way to use an ABS “slurry” to fill the gaps that I’m formulating, and will post my results once it’s completed.  Meanwhile, have a great holiday season, and feel free to email any questions to on Etsy.comG-Clef scrimshawed into alt ivory on walnut hair stick

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