Mammoth Bones Do the Happy Dance in Las Vegas

Mammoth Bones dancing on stageSenate bill SB194 has passed in Nevada, making it illegal to sell, possess with the intention to sell mammoth ivory, among parts of other currently living creatures.  The bill goes into effect January 1, 2018. You can see a copy of the bill at:

This brings the number of states making it illegal to sell mammoth ivory to five.  More may be on the way, since it is so easy to include a six letter word lumped in with living endangered species that people either gloss over it or, due to “Manny the moody mammoth” being so near and dear to people’s hearts, they believe they still roam the planet.  


Riviera Casino postcard - closed in 2015The mammoth review will be showing at the Riviera Hotel and Casino after all threats of extinct animal poachers have been put to rest in early 2018. Wilma Flinstone will also be serving bronto-burgers…

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