Mystery Artist #10 – Initials MN, Eagle Head on Antler

Bolo Close-up 01 Bolo Close-up 02 Bolo completeNicely made bolo tie with a rustic looking eagle head.  Cross-hatched and somewhat rough, this scrimshaw bolo has a nice antique look to it.  The crazing in the upper left is typical of many bone and antler pieces as is the slight brown color toward the center.  The antler is also known as a “button” and are often carved or made into buttons as well as scrimshawed. Unknown as to what animal this came from – whether elk, deer or other.

The piece came from Maryland, though it’s origins are unknown before that time.

If anyone knows of the artist “MN”, the owner would love to know more about the piece, the artist and it’s history.  If you do know of anything, please feel free to add a comment to the post.  Thanks!

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