Mystery Artist 13 “LS” “LLR” or “LLB”? Train on a Sperm Whale Tooth

Mystery Artist "LS"? signature on Train Scrimshaw close-upScrimshaw Train on a sperm whale tooth from the 1970s

A new mystery artist with the initials “LS LLR or LLB” as far as we can make out has surfaced and we hope someone has more information about them for the owner of this beautiful work of art. The high-res images can be found on where you can go to the right hand side and access the images directly.  This 6.25″ tooth was originally owned by a gentleman living in San Francisco, and depicts the Lahaina Kaanapali sugar cane train.  It’s origin may well have been Hawaii.  The original owner was a train buff and had a poster that may have been the art this was based on, as well as a straight blade shaver with an ivory handle that also has a train artfully scrimshawed into it.

The artwork is now in the hands of the gentleman’s descendants who would love to get in contact with the artist and find out more about the artwork as well as the artist.  If anyone has any information please either add a comment to this post or email and put “Mystery Artist 13” in the subject line.


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