Mystery Artist #14 Scrimshaw Pistol Grips of a Falcon


Scrimshaw pistol grip by R. Heinrich of a falcon perched on a branch


Scrimshaw Pistol Grip by R. Heinrich with Falcon in flight

We’ve received several inquiries looking for artists who have created scrimshaw, and we’ll be posting them here over the next several days.  Our first one is a set of pistol grips signed “R. Heinrich”. One side is a falcon sitting on a branch, while the other side has a falcon in flight

The work on these grips was commissioned around 1981 by the owner’s father.  Anyone who knows anything about the artist? The owner would love to know if they are still actively scrimshawing or of any other works they have created.  You can respond in the comments section.  Thanks for looking!

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    1. Hi Charles,
      No problem as to where you contacted us. Can you send pics to “” ? We’ll be glad to put them up as a “Mystery Artist” post to help you in your search!

      Looking forward to seeing the plaques (and may have an idea as to the artist).


  1. I have two pieces of scrimshaw both are placks of ships they are The Bonhomme Richard and Serapis ships also The Constitution ship. I have removed these from the frames but have not found any artist mark on either side. this is a mystery to me. any help on who did these two placks. they are very well done.

  2. I knew Mr. Heinrich from the Bill Goodman Gun Shows in Detroit. He had a regular table there in the 80’s. I started setting up there about that time. Seems like he quit coming in the early 90’s? perhaps. I haven’t seen or heard from him since that time. He was a real big guy, and I don’t think he was in the greatest of health. Sorry I cannot give you more info.

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