Mystery Artist #16 – Knight – FOUND!

Horse portrait on oval cabochon with the name KNIGHT in block lettersI could make a cheeky comment about this horse missing it’s knight, but we’re not giving up our blog for the comedy circuit.

We have an email from someone who has a beautifully scrimshawed horse on a pendant purchased in the Agoura California area in 1976 – 1977.  The name Knight is in block letters toward the bottom.  Its owner would love to find out more about the artist and if they are still creating scrimshaw, as well as any history about the piece.

Simply respond in the comments if you can help, it’s greatly appreciated by owners and artists alike.

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  1. Ellery Knight was an artist who was living in Palo Alto when this piece was done. His scrim work is characterized by his pointillist technique — he never etched lines. He used the same technique in his pen/pencil and ink work. He did commercial work for Banana Republic, Klutz Press, and others. He was born in 1946 in San Jose, and died in 2000 in Oregon from complications following a heart operation.

    1. Thank you Dario! I’m sure the owner of the piece will be pleased to find out more information on the artist of this beautiful work. We all really appreciate the information.


      Andrew Perkins,

      1. Hi Andrew, I’m the one who owns this pendant. Thank you so much for posting my picture and to the person who provided the information. Sad that the artist has passed away but the mystery was solved.

  2. I have a scrimshaw abt 1.5×1, a beautiful buffalo, set in a sterling bracelet. Signature at the bottom looks exactly like the one below the horse’s head. Can’t remember where I got it, but it would have been in the ’70s.

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