Mystery Artist #19 signed “Goudis” Found!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a mystery artist.  Philippe has inquired about this piece of scrimshaw. It’s 57cm long, signed GOUDIS:

Portion of mystery artist scrimshaw 19 featuring something in the water and a bird to the right

Mystery Artist 19 pic 1

Possibly the opposite side of pic1 showing a ship and several whale tales

Opposing side of pic 1?

Mystery artist 19 whale breaching the water to the right

Whale breaching the water

Tip of the piece from mystery artist 19 showing a large brown spot.

Tip of the piece of scrimshaw from Mystery artist 19

full length of the scrimshaw piece mystery 19

Full pic of the mystery scrimshaw 19

signature of mystery artist 19 - goudis

Mystery Artist 19s signature

By the looks of it, it may be an “oosic” or “oosik” – the penile bone of a walrus (you can see other examples of unadorned oosik at and here).

We’re currently not sure where Philippe had acquired it, but we’ll update this post with more information as we can.  Feel free to comment on this and if you know the mystery artist Philippe would be thrilled to get more information about them.

I’ve passed the information on to Philippe, and appreciate Emmanuel and Ashley taking the time to write!  Any information you feel you can share publicly would be of interest to all of our readers, but if you prefer private emailing, that’s okay, too.

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4 comments on “Mystery Artist #19 signed “Goudis” Found!
  1. Emmanuel Moitié says:

    “Goudis” stands for Vincent Bonnet, a good friend of mine. I will give more information if you e-mail me your address.

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