Mystery Artist #22 – Pirate, bought in Paris France…

Pirate scrimshawed on a whale tooth
The stance as well as the angle of the guns creates a memorable pic. He seems to be compensating for the rolling waves or has just come from the tavern, but either way it’s time to duck!
Another shot of David Weir's Pirate on a whale tooth
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Mystery Artist #22 was purchased in Paris France about ten years ago.  The signature appears to be “EC”, or perhaps “CC” in the lower left corner.  The stance along with the “toothpick” in his mouth shows him steadying himself either due to heavy seas or perhaps he just came out of the tavern?  Either way, it’s a memorable pic.  Anyone who knows the artist or their whereabouts and can let us know more about them it would be greatly appreciated. it’s a wonderful piece of scrimshaw!


UPDATE – Found the original illustrator: Howard Pyle

From the late 19th to the early 20th century, Howard Pyle wrote and illustrated during this time, being one of “the founders of present-day Illustration”.  A brief history can be found here:

The original illustration can also be found there.

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