Mystery Artist #3 – initials MWB Found! Thanks for writing, Mary

Portrait of Woman, Art Nouveau styleFrom Jenae – We don’t know much about “MWB” – they created this beautiful art nouveau jewelry in 1989, and that it appears to be held in a sterling silver frame.  Another beautiful piece, the owner would appreciate any information about the artist anyone may have.  Thanks!  Read the comment below to find out more!

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  1. Well I tried to respond back to your e-mail but it came back twice as undeliverable. Still doing some scrimshaw, mostly custom work. I still do a few shows locally and I teach Beginning Scrimshaw through our local rock club. I have some pictures up on my facebook page. Sorry, no web site. I took it down and am still rebuiling it.

    Mary W. Bailey

    1. I know the feeling on rebuilding websites… Glad to hear you’re still at it and teaching as well! I haven’t had the courage to teach other than online – courage and time: one part-time job, two on-call jobs, studying for a+ certification (computer tech), and a couple of young kids keeps me busy. If you’d like, I can put a link to your facebook page up here as well. You can reach me at aperkins[at] if the site’s email is giving you trouble.

  2. Oh Lordie, that is an old one from way back when I first got into scrimshaw. Setting came from Rio Grande, ivory cab from Boone Trading Company.

    1. Thanks for writing Mary! Jenae had written saying “…The piece was found in California and is still here. My eyes are getting old and wasn’t sure what the circle was on the back. I also assumed that STER stands for sterling. Appreciate your help…”

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