Mystery Artist 36 – Eagle Scrimshaw with Signature “Andhi”

Scrimshaw carving of an eagle's head facing left, with a full color eagle scrimshawed on the neck.This is a fascinating piece.  Both a carving and a sculpture, it’s beautiful work that has been well cared for.  The base edge and the general shape makes it appear to be a sperm whale tooth.

Opposite side of the eagle sculpture and scrimshaw facing up.The artwork is in full color,expertly scrimmed with a spartan background that balances the work nicely.

The signature “Andhi” has some artistic flourishes to the left of the first initial.  My impression is that it may have come from Hawaii, but I could be way off.

Any ideas?  The owner would love to know more about the artist.  Reply in the comments below, and any more information I can get I’ll add to this post.Signature on the bottom of the eagle head scrimshaw and sculpture - "Andhi"

Mystery Artist 36 - Andhi Scrimshaw and Sculpture
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Mystery Artist 36 - Andhi Scrimshaw and Sculpture
Beautiful scrimshaw and sculpture by the artist "Andhi" - owner looking for more information
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  1. Although I’m not very active, I really enjoy each newsletter! Thanks for all of your efforts. Kind regards Ron

    1. Thanks Ron, I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Let me know if there’s anything you need to know, if I don’t have an answer, I’ll be glad to do some research.

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