Mystery Artist 37 – “Rudy”

Whale tooth scrimshaw of a whale in the foreground with a ship in the background, signed "Rudy"A beautiful scrimshaw on what appears to be a whale tooth with the name “Rudy”.  Very highly polished, the bottom edges show some crazing. beautifully lined scrimshaw with a dramatic scene of a whale in the foreground and the ship not far off.

Robert writes: “I am a 77 year old Vietnam Veteran and proud of it. I recently purchased at an estate sale an item I believe to be a scrimshaw tooth or tusk.I tried the hot needle test and the needle did not penetrate the item. I examined the item under magnification and the lines appear to vary in width and depth.

“The item bears the name Rudy. An internet search revealed a Dennis “Rudy” Waldroop (1950-2009). He had a shop in Tahlequah, OK however passes away in2009.

“I would appreciate any information on my piece. Is it a piece of junk,who carved it,approx. value, just anything.”

Whale tooth with the inscription "Rudy" Back of the tooth, "Mystery Artist 37"I’ve asked Robert to possibly send a picture of the  cavity at the base of the tooth, and will update this post if he’s able to do so.

Updated Pics from 7/16/2017:

Side shot of "Mystery Artist 37"Front shot of "Mystery Artist 37" with no shadowsBack of "Mystery Artist 37 - Rudy"whale tooth scrimshaw with no shadows

Anyone knowing more information on the artist or questions regarding the piece, please add a comment below.

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