Mystery Artist – P. Hayde (not Hoyte as previously written) Contacted us!

walrus scrimshaw by P. Hayde EaglesLost a lot of info on the last change-over, so I’m rebuilding from scratch instead of shifting to the old site, then backing up, then shifting to the new site, restoring and then trying to rebuild with the better interface.  That being said, P. Hoyte is a scrimshaw artist we don’t know much about, other than the name – which is more than we usually get (we usually only have initials or even less).  There is another pic of more of his work that I’ll try to put up here too, but currently I’m pressed for time putting up as much as I can while carrying on in the analog world.  More to follow, will update this link.

Scrimshaw on whale tooth by Philip Hoyte depicting a skiff with whalers and a sperm whale breaching the water beside them. Glen G. sent us this picture of another piece by Philip Hayde, which is a whale breaching the water near a skiff of whalers.

We would appreciate any information on this artist, especially if you know where he was from (east coast, west coast), any other examples of his work.


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  1. Please disregard the first hyperlink and use:

    Just copy and paste into a new tab. Thank you,
    Water Martin

  2. Here is a picture of the piece described in my inquiry of 4/22/2013 above. Thank you, Walter Martin


    1. Thanks Alan! Do you know anything about him or anywhere we can gather more information on him? He is (or was) a true master scrimshander.

      1. Sorry that the links don’t open, but if you google foster auctions, you can see the images.

        His work appears to be relatively contemporary, ie mid nineteenth century.

      2. Howdy, the name is actually Phillip Hayde, I know because I recognize my own work and those are my pieces. I live in Seattle, Washington and have done a lot of scrimshaw and a collection of other artwork over the years. It seems like you like some of my work, thanks. If you want to contact me, my e-mail is attached to this reply, feel free… I will answer any questions you have.

        Phil Hayde

        Seattle Washington

        1. Thank you for writing Philip! We have enjoyed seeing your work, and glad to hear from you. Several people over the years have inquired about your work, and we’d love to know more about you and if you are still actively scrimshawing. We’ll pass the word along to those that were asking, and let them know they may contact you if they have any questions. Thanks again,

          Andrew Perkins

          1. That is very kind of you Andrew, at the moment I am on my way to the corner store, but I will write you again soon. Happy New Year! and thanks again for your interest and kind words.

            Phil Hayde

        2. Did you ever sign any of your work with just the letter “P” ? If not, do you know who this artist is ? My wife and I were in Kinnebunkport , Maine in 1983 and we purchased an oval scrimshaw piece about 4″ x 3″ depicting a masted ship and some seagulls flying about apparently coming into port as noted by some pilings. Any info. you can give me is appreciated. By the way, your works are beautiful. Thank you, Walter Martin

          1. Dear Walter,

            Thanks for writing! I’m sad to say I am not the originator of the work in question, it sounds great. If you can get a good picture of the work we can put it up on our “Mystery Artists” page and see if anyone either knows any information or remembers creating this piece. Set your camera to “macro” or “super-macro” so you can get a good close-up shot of it, or you can gently place it on the glass of a scanner and scan it in color at the highest resolution. we’ll be glad to help you find the original artist.

        3. Hi Phillip,
          I have one of your scrimshaw’s “The Sea Witch” and just love it, The details are amazing. I’d like to know more about it, like is the whale’s tooth real and if so is it from a Sperm Whale? What year was this created and where. How much time did it take to completely create this piece? I’d like to know anything you can tell me about it. Have you made many scrimshaw pieces? Can I get a letter from you so I can show authenticity ?
          Thank you in advance for your reply.
          Raymond D. Lewis

          1. Howdy Raymond,
            Thanks for your interest. I apologize for not replying sooner….I’m rather busy at the moment, but will write more, later. I have not visited this site for awhile, so I will try to catch up on answering your questions and requests.

            Thanks again for your interest,
            Phil Hayde

        4. Hello Mr. Hayde, I believe that I own a piece of your art. Named ” A Sailors Life For Me ” it’s a beautiful piece of work that I acquired in Cape Cod over w5 yrs ago. I would like to know more a out tbis piece and if others are available. Please contact me. Regards Steven

        5. Hello Mr.Hayde,
          Would you possibly be able to provide me with an estimated retail value of a whales tooth such as the one shown in,this blog with the breaching whale or the one I have called A Sailors Life For Me. I’m tying to have it insured.
          Thank you.

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