Mystery Artist(s) – #21 – Story Bracelet

Story Bracelet - Mystery Artist 21-1We have a story bracelet which the owner is looking for the artist as well as other information:

“Hello, I purchased a gorgeous sterling silver and scrimshaw bracelet at the flea market today and, while attempting some research on it, I found your website.  I’m hoping you might be able to help me id an artist and/or era for this.  I’m not sure on the material the scrimshaw is on.  I can’t find any cross hatching that would indicate ivory but also cannot find any pits to indicate it is bone.  It Story Bracelet Mystery Artist 21-2 Closeup of first two charmsdoes have some lovely curving lines often seen on ivory beads but I am not knowledgeable myself to be sure of the piece.  One thing that might help identify this is it appears as if the back side of each panel was filled in with a clear resin that has darkened over the years.  Not sure if that is a trait of some artist or not and not sure why it would be there other than to protect the pieces.

“Anyway, I have attached a couple of photos and have more if you need them.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.”

Story Bracelet Mystery Artist 21-3 - Compass Rose Mystery Artist 21-3Story Bracelet Mystery Artist 21-4 - the back of the charms showing the resin described in the post.-Sally

The bracelet was purchased in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Anyone familiar with the artist or the piece can reply below, the owner will greatly appreciate it!

Clicking on the pictures will bring up high resolution images.

Note: The numbering is off, but this one is our first Mystery Artist in 2016.

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  1. This bracelet was purchased in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m not sure where it originally came from. Thanks for any information anyone can give me on this piece. I love it!

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