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  1. I have a bowie knife that my great-grandfather had during the Civil War. The knife is still in great condition but I’d like to have his initials and last name engraved into it as well as his regiment etc. Could I get some kind of rough idea or what you need to know to get a price and how long it would take if I sent it to somebody?

    1. Hi Joseph, and thanks for writing! That is quite an heirloom. If it is ivory, I would be hesitant despite its age to send it through interstate mail: while it is not a sale, and only work is being done on it, there have been stories in the news regarding US Fish & Wildlife people impounding bagpipes and other items due to the ivory coming into the country. That being said, I have not found any legislation regarding intra-state ivory issues for Ohio. Luckily, Sandra Brady (http://www.scrimshaw-by-sandra-brady.com/) lives in Ohio and is an excellent artist. She would be able to help you and you wouldn’t run afoul of any laws. That all being said, if the handle is bone, I would be happy to bid on the chance to scrimshaw the handle, and will give you several other artist’s names as well just to keep it fair.

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