Mystery Artist 32 – “B” Whale

Base of scrimshaw - mystery artist 32Looking up and into the center of the tusk/tooth - Mystery Artist 32Close-up of the initial "B" - Mystery Artist 32Severiano from Ohio writes: “I have had this for many years. Do you know who this artist is that signs with the letter “B” ?”

Whale on ivory just under the water

Not sure if this is a tusk tip or a whale tooth, hope to get a picture of the base.  My teacher Eduardo Brum would often sign his work with a single letter B as well, though it doesn’t give us much to go on. Purchased from an antique shop on Galveston Island Texas.

Mystery Artist 31 – W.E.S.

Back of a carved ivory cuff link with the initials WES - Mystery Artist 31

Carvings in ivory and bone are also considered scrimshaw, and these are a perfect example. Mark W. in Florida writes:

“I have attached three photos of a tie clasp and cuff-link set with the signiture W.E.S. or perhaps W.E. Sr..   Would appreciate help is identifying who it is.  Thanks.   Mark W”

These are beautiful pieces, the whale cuff links took patience to carve so small as well as a steady hand to attach them with those tiny screws.  Anyone know a scrimshaw artist with the initials W.E.S. that may have carved these or any information? We’d love to know.  Add your comments to the section below, Mark and I will be happy to know more about them.

Back of a carved ivory cuff link with the initials WES - Mystery Artist 31 The back of the other carved ivory cufflink with the initials W.E.S. Carved Whale Tie Clasp Mystery Artist 31 facing down

Mystery Artist 30 – Lion on a Necklace

We’re hoping someone may be able to identify the artist and the material on this necklace.  I’ve emailed the owner hoping to get some better pictures, especially of the signature to the left.  It appears to be either ivory or possibly antler, hard to tell since the base is capped. The cracks at the top make me think ivory, but the staining near the base makes me think antler.  Anyone know the artist or material? We’d love to know.  Post your comments below, and as always, thank you!Lion Profile scrimshaw - Mystery Artist 30Scrimshaw Lion on unknown material

Mystery Artist #29 – A. Luiz

This is a beautiful scrimshaw that appears to be on fossilized ivory by A. Luiz.  The signature matches similar signatures of Alan Luiz (see  His full name is signed on “African Royalty” (, and on a number of miniature nantucket baskets.

As to the questions from Keifer:
“…, I was hoping you might be able to help me identify who made it, and share a little of your knowledge on what exactly it is. In particular, I’m hoping to find out what the holes are for, what material it’s carved on, what ship is depicted, and info about the artist. Anything else you know is great too! …”

Left side of scrimshaw artifact, mystery artist 29 A. Luiz
Mystery Artist 29 Left Side
Right Side Scrimshaw Artifact - Mystery Artist A. Luiz
Mystery Artist 29 Right Side
Scrimshaw Artifact Front - Mystery Artist 29 A.Luiz
Mystery Artist 29 Front
Scrimshaw Artifact Back - Mystery Artist 29 A. Luiz
Mystery Artist 29 Back
Scrimshaw Artifact - Mystery Artist 29 Front Full, A. Luiz
Mystery Artist 29 Front Full

Below are pictures of the piece in question, any information would be greatly appreciated!


Mystery Artist 28 – “GH”


Butterfly scrimshaw on small cabochon
Mystery artist 28 – scrimshaw butterfly

Expertly crafted scrimshaw butterfly on diminutive oval cabochon. Initials GH on the back. Owner would like to know more about the artist and the piece. Feel free To comment in the section below.