Learning How to Scrimshaw – Ron Newton

Learning How to Scrimshaw book coverRon Newton’s book started out as a series of handouts developed from procedures and exercises that he discovered while practicing and teaching scrimshaw. Not all students start with the same skills and talents and need different types of help. By  practicing the exercises and following the procedures in this book you will find yourself producing some very beautiful works of scrimshaw. Ron has seen this happen repeatedly in class after class and has faith that  the reader can do the same thing. The author hopes that in some small why this book will bring more interest to this art form. The whales may be endangered but lets not let their memory or scrimshaw die.

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Scrimshaw? But I Can’t Draw!

Scrimshaw? But I Can't Draw! Book Cover
Love scrimshaw? Can’t Draw? Many whale-men, the original scrimshaw artists couldn’t draw either. Using their ingenuity and the tools at hand, they were able to fashion memorable pieces of art and carvings that survive to this day. You can scrimshaw, even if you can’t draw! It only takes a little guidance, some basic tools and a touch of modern technology.Using ancient mammoth ivory, natural “vegetable ivory” or other materials, you can create beautiful works of art the way the sailors did, without needing to lean over the port bow! A great way to de-stress, scrimshaw will bring you into a world of art you may never have thought possible to achieve.
“Scrimshaw? But I Can’t Draw!!” has links and instructions to everything you need to learn how to scrimshaw:

  • sources for fossilized ivory
  • “vegetable” ivory
  • tools
  • pigments
  • how to prepare tools and materialsScrimshaw? But I Can't Draw! Book Cover
  • techniques for shading
  • polishes and preservatives, and more.

Great book for beginners and who can and cannot draw, “Scrimshaw? But I Can’t Draw!” will walk you through the simple steps that many of the top scrimshaw artists use today.

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Kraken Blog – From Start to Ship-Shape

Original Kraken in Black and White

Recreating a website has it’s merits, being able to remove outdated information (like the how-to), but it does take time.  Here is a quick gallery of pics from the Kraken project: