Scrimshaw Artist Al Doucette – 50 Years and Counting

Scrimshaw globe by Al Douchette in it's stand
Al Doucette Globe from 2014. Clicking on the pic will open it up to it’s full size.
Al Doucette Globe outside of it's stand.
Al Doucette globe out of it’s stand. The mechanism is elegant in its simplicity.
Another view of one of Al Doucette's scrimshaw globes showing the inside of the stand
Inside the mechanism of Al Doucette’s globe scrimshaw. The globe rides on a cup shaped piece in the bottom.

Al Doucette is still busy creating scrimshaw after fifty years! Former owner of the “Whale’s Tale” scrimshaw shop in New Bedford, MA, he has graciously shared several pictures of some of his latest work:

Al continues to scrimshaw and create beautiful sculptures in ivory and other materials. We’ve created a gallery of some of the pictures of the work he’s sent us which will appear near the bottom of the page.


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Scrimshaw Artist Al Doucette - 50 Years and Counting
Scrimshaw artist Al Douchette still scrimshawing after 50 years
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3 Replies to “Scrimshaw Artist Al Doucette – 50 Years and Counting”

  1. I recently obtained some scrimshaw charms and earrings created by Al Doucette from the Whale’s Tale. I wanted to find out how much they are valued? Would anyone know a good way to contact him (Doucette) directly?

    -The Antique and Artisan Gallery
    Stamford, CT
    203 327 6022

  2. I have an whale oval box with the lid it passed all the test. I have had it for years love it I keep my fine jewelry . The name etched on it is A. Doueette 1987 . I can send some pics

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