Scrimshaw Artist David He

David He is an accomplished scrimshaw artist who works with traditional materials and has begun to use ivory alternatives as well.  David just sent me these pictures that I wanted to share:
Scrimshaw y David He of woman #1Scrimshaw by David He of woman askew

David’s scrimshaw as well as his other artwork is exquisite.  I believe he has also created the frames for his work.



In addition to his work on alternative ivory, David He is also an accomplished micro-scrimshaw artist.  You will be amazed at his accomplishments in this niche:

quarter under a broken grain of rice on top, and scrimshaw on the bottom
Scrimshaw on a piece of ivory 2x larger than a grain of rice


Dime underneath micro-scrimshaw scene smaller than the dime itself
Dime underneath a scene smaller than the dime by David He

Dime underneath a scenic micro-scrimshaw by David HeScenic scrimshaw on dime by David He

Micro Scrimshaw on a human hair by David He
Scrimshaw on a human hair – micro-scrimshaw by David He


David is also an illustrator, painter, and works in other media as well. Mr. He is a prolific and accomplished artist and we appreciate him contacting us and sharing his work!


His site is located at

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