Scrimshaw Artist Rod Lacey – Australian Scrimshander

Rod Lacey Scrimshaw of a bassRod Lacey is a jeweler from Australia that scrimshaws as a hobby.  He is a collector as well as a scrimshander, and does not sell his work.

“Australia is a lonely place when it comes to scrimshaw. There was a lot of whaling here and a lot of whale teeth but no community of scrimmers. You could count the scrimmers on one hand! When I show people my work they don’t know what it is, never seen it before.

Scrimshaw of a tiger on a wood base by Rod Lacey“I started scrimming in the early 1990s, I had acquired a few small teeth when travelling around Australia on a motor bike. By the early 1990s I had settled down in Cairns QLD and thought I’d do something with the teeth but couldn’t find anyone.

“Finally a got a copy of “The Scrimshaw Connection” , WOW what a book, I studied the How To section and started to scratch away at some pigs tusks, what a mess. But I kept at it and slowly improved.

Scrimshaw giraffes mounted on a wood base” I’d become quite friendly with Bob Engnath and he gave me a few tips, the best one was a guy called Randy Philips who owned a engineering shop, he made and sold a scrimshaw machine (stippling) that worked really well.

I don’t sell my pieces, just collect, it’s a hobby. Scrimshaw can be very addictive.

Rod has made a very interesting non-scrimshaw jewelry invention called SWOPS. Interesting swappable earring and pendant set.  Take a look!

Rod does not do commission work but if you’d like to contact him, you can reach him at  randclacey[at] of dog portrait by Rod Lacey

Large mouth bass on base by Rod Lacey

Water buffalo scrimshaw by Rod LaceyCrocodile scrimshaw by Rod Lacey

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  1. Hie Lacy , your work is stunning. I need this Machine for crippling, I am a small scrimshander in South Africa. I was eying one Sandra Brady is selling but it’s too expensive for me. Also it needs a compressor . Looks like the one u are using is electric. I want it soon . Will try calling Randy tomorrow

    Best regards


  2. Hi
    Bill Feeney here. I’ve been doing scrim since 1973. Making a living with it since 1981. We do real scrim and resin repros.
    Love your work.

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