Scrimshaw Beer –


Scrimshaw Pilsner Beer Label

Scrimshaw beer is one of the more popular beverages from the North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg, California.
Available in most states, this pilsner is known as a “craft beer” rather than a “microbrew” due to the distribution and volume.

North Coast has a number of craft beers available, including “La Merle” – a Belgian Farmhouse type ale with a 7.9% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) level – not your typical beer from a can.  For those unfamiliar with Belgian style ales, they may taste too strong.  One “trick” to enjoying this beer – conneseurs, please click elsewhere or be horrified – is to take a shotglass of this beer and pour it into an already poured pilsner beer.  If you try it this way, you may never go back to a “straight” pilsner again – it’s that good.  The down side is you’ve probably just opened a rather expensive bottle of beer to use only one (or two) shotglasses worth, but fear not: you can always re-cork it if you haven’t thrown away the cage.

A friend of ours referred to the heartier beers that he brews as “liquid bread”.  After a chuckle by me, he turned to me and said “Think about it: bread uses flour and is held together by the glutens.  Beer has most of the same ingredients and is held together by a bottle.” (see – and it turns out that he is not alone – it’s part of many dictionaries on the web.

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