Scrimshaw Cabin Fever Roundup – Go Build Something

Scrimshaw Cabin Fever Roundup – Go Build Something  (or find someone who does) to Showcase Your Scrimshaw

It’s been bitter cold here, and I’ve been getting cabin fever as well as the need for making something bigger to showcase my art.  After looking around a bit on the net I found several items that could be enhanced with some smaller pieces of scrimshaw.  Either braving the cold and going into the garage to cut some pieces of nice wood or braving the wet and going into the cellar to cut (I could raise cold water fish in my cellar if I could get a permit – and move the furnace and electrical…), but there are also other alternatives.

I’ve broken the options down into ready-made  (just add scrimshaw) and Inpirations – where you can either purchase and modify or go into your (hopefully heated and dry) workshop and create something.


Insignia Desk Accessories – shows great ideas for DIY projects for desk accessories – This is a great way to show off multiple pieces of scrimshaw on the fronts.

– Desktop Name Plate (available from Amazon) would work out great with scrimshaw on either side or both,

– Notepad Caddy (also available from Amazon) has a nice space in the front for a large scene. has a great set of desk accessories you could base your work on or replace the insignia with your own scrimshaw.

Sustainable Bamboo Pencil Holder (available at Amazon) – Easily made by a woodworker or purchase and add scrimshaw. You’ll have to dig around to find them or other inspiring ideas.
– This Desk Clock has room or a nautical scene or other scrimshaw below (via Amazon) – More Desk Accessories…

Medium_cd_holder_1 Plans – CD/DVD Holder. Also other great plans there, including a recipe box with a holder on the top.

(no picture)
Using a magnet and your imagination (along with some scrimshaw) you can create a paperclip “organizer”. Is this where your ship ran aground?

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  1. Hi, Andrew…I am in Scotland and I am trying to locate somebody in the UK who does scrimshaw to participate in a harbour festival our town is having at the end of May. The town is Anstruther, about 35 miles away from Edinburgh, and about 8 miles away from St. Andrews (“the home of golf”). As we are focusing on our maritime and sea-faring history, I would love to have somebody demonstrate scrimshaw, but I’m having a hard time locating scrimshawers. Any ideas? Do you have any contacts or links who might be of help? Any information would be most appreciated! Thanks, Gail Sorley

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