Scrimshaw Piano Keys – Personalized

Alt Ivory piano key head with initials in diamondPiano key tail - alt ivory with nameCreating scrimshaw piano key bookmarks in two varieties: “Heads” and “Tails”. Each come with a double satin ribbon tail and either a name or initials of your choice. Available through the store.  They’re made from piano key top replacements that are legal in all states so no one in New York or New Jersey (or California) will be exempt.  I also have real ivory piano key heads and tails in very short supply, if interested and legal in your state, email me and I can create a custom scrimshaw of your choice. Click on the picture to go to the store.

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    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for writing! Are you looking for The Last Supper on a specific piece from a specific period (done on a whale tooth in the 1800’s – 1900’s) or having one created? We’ll be glad to help any way we can. Andrew

        1. Hi Jeff, here are the links I was able to find regarding the last supper scrimshaw: Bob Hergert collaborated with Harvey Leach and Martin Guitars – the full story can be seen at, a link to one of Bob’s scrimshaw images of the last supper is here:
          There is also a fountain pen scrimshawed with the last supper here:

          Hope this helps, haven’t found any on piano key ivory yet.

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