Scrimshaw Techniques by Jim Stevens

Scrimshaw Techniques: With Gallery of Contemporary Artists


Jim Steven’s guide is a dazzling showcase of this uniquely American art form. The pages are filled with tips, techniques, and insights that both educate and demonstrate the steps to creating authentic and beautiful scrimshaw. An examination of ivory includes a wide range of alternative natural and man-made ivory substitutes, including bone, horn, and nuts. Over 200 color photos, this step-by-step guide addresses scrimshaw tools, patterns, inking, and inlays.

scrimshaw-techniques-jim-stevensJim’s second book “Advanced Scrimshaw Techniques” delves advanced-scrimshaw-techniques-jim-stevensdeeper into scrimshaw techniques including color scrimshaw, using power tools, ivory carving with hand and power tools, and practices in the care, conservation, repair, and restoration of ivory scrimshaw objects.

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