Mystery Artist – P. Hayde (not Hoyte as previously written) Contacted us!

walrus scrimshaw by P. Hayde Eagles

walrus scrimshaw by P. Hayde EaglesLost a lot of info on the last change-over, so I’m rebuilding from scratch instead of shifting to the old site, then backing up, then shifting to the new site, restoring and then trying to rebuild with the better interface.  That being said, P. Hoyte is a scrimshaw artist we don’t know much about, other than the name – which is more than we usually get (we usually only have initials or even less).  There is another pic of more of his work that I’ll try to put up here too, but currently I’m pressed for time putting up as much as I can while carrying on in the analog world.  More to follow, will update this link.

Scrimshaw on whale tooth by Philip Hoyte depicting a skiff with whalers and a sperm whale breaching the water beside them. Glen G. sent us this picture of another piece by Philip Hayde, which is a whale breaching the water near a skiff of whalers.

We would appreciate any information on this artist, especially if you know where he was from (east coast, west coast), any other examples of his work.