Two new “reverse scrimshaws”

leopard scrimshawed onto water buffalo horn with faux suede cordJust posted two new “reverse scrimshaw” pieces on Etsy – a lion and two leopards on water buffalo horn. Reverse scrimshaw can be a daunting task even with modern technology. Was able to keep things in perspective by starting with an image that I inverted the colors on and following the “Whaleman’s Way” – piercing through the paper to create an outline, then filling in carefully, referring to the original picture. The leopards are all stipple-dots, while the lion I experimented with scribed lines to see how it came out. Both types of scrimshaw work, though I’m leaning toward the stipple technique.

It can take a long time to get the levels right – had to go over several areas to brighten or darken the whites by creating smaller dots closer together or larger dots deeper into the horn.  Clicking on the pictures will bring them up to full size.Lion scrimshawed on water buffalo horn



Leopard in the Night scrimshawed onto water buffalo horn with a sterling silver box chain

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