What should I scrimshaw on the bone blank?

Looking for options after I finish the kraken – something to put on the 1.5″x3″ bone blank I had stabilized (will summarize my findings on stabilizing shortly).  Any ideas?

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  1. Hi, I used to do computer 3D animation and the “ooh’s and “ahhh’s” always came from beginners and senior pros alike when doing “volumetric lighting.” Try using sunlight beraming like fog from a canopy of trees but then again your workable size may prohibit that. But you could use a source of light to beam on a doyote or butterfly. I have no idea how old your post is but I’m just getting into scrimshaw using Coulter’s tool vice a rotary tool. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for writing, Ken! That’s an interesting idea – I’ll have to think about that for either the bone blank or a piece of black horn – there’s some stunning work done on that material! Coulter tool is hands down the best I’ve used to date. Would love to see what you come up with, keep me posted on your progress!

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