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Mystery Artist # 24 – Mystery Letter Opener


July 16, 2016 by Andrew Perkins

Mystery Artist 24 - full picture of letter opener

The owner of a scrimshaw letter opener that was purchased in South Carolina is looking for the artist and its …
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Brighten up “Reverse Scrimshaw” With This Technique


August 15, 2016 by Andrew Perkins

After doing several “reverse scrimshaws” – scrimshaw on a dark material where the stipples/incisions are filled with a white pigment, …
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Mystery Artist 25 – Ring by “JON”FOUND!


July 21, 2016 by Andrew Perkins

Mystery Artist 25 Necklace Charm of a ship at sea in full sail

The owner of a ring purchased in the Mystic Seaport area between 1974-1978 with the signature of JON is looking …
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Two new “reverse scrimshaws”


June 5, 2016 by Andrew Perkins

Just posted two new “reverse scrimshaw” pieces on Etsy – a lion and two leopards on water buffalo horn. Reverse …
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Leopard in the Night – Initial Scrimming


May 23, 2016 by Andrew Perkins

Been so busy with gardening (and a gardening book) I haven’t had time to scrimshaw. Kept my eye out for …
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