Little Scrimshaws

Lady and Dragon scrimshawed into alt. ivory for a letter opener

Lady and Dragon scrimshawed into alt. ivory for a letter openerFamily illnesses and busy schedules keep me from larger works such as the “Lady and the Dragon” (or – as the iPhone tried to correct “Lady and Dragged on”…), but smaller scrimshaws for local venues can be dovetailed into a busy day.  Twenty minutes here, fifteen minutes there allows me to keep the muscle memory for post-holiday times when I may actually be able to devote more time to scrimshaw.

Continuing to work with ivory alternatives due to more states making mammoth ivory illegal to sell, I’m still finding galalith the closest material to ivory, though I am impressed with some of the other alternatives offered by   I have some of the cattle bone in the drawer waiting to try.  Hopefully in 2018 I’ll have the time to devote to finding the best way to seal it, there may be a way to use an ABS “slurry” to fill the gaps that I’m formulating, and will post my results once it’s completed.  Meanwhile, have a great holiday season, and feel free to email any questions to on Etsy.comG-Clef scrimshawed into alt ivory on walnut hair stick

Mammoth Bones Do the Happy Dance in Las Vegas

Mammoth Bones dancing on stage

Mammoth Bones dancing on stageSenate bill SB194 has passed in Nevada, making it illegal to sell, possess with the intention to sell mammoth ivory, among parts of other currently living creatures.  The bill goes into effect January 1, 2018. You can see a copy of the bill at:

This brings the number of states making it illegal to sell mammoth ivory to five.  More may be on the way, since it is so easy to include a six letter word lumped in with living endangered species that people either gloss over it or, due to “Manny the moody mammoth” being so near and dear to people’s hearts, they believe they still roam the planet.  


Riviera Casino postcard - closed in 2015The mammoth review will be showing at the Riviera Hotel and Casino after all threats of extinct animal poachers have been put to rest in early 2018. Wilma Flinstone will also be serving bronto-burgers…

Mystery Artist 37 – “Rudy”

Whale tooth scrimshaw of a whale in the foreground with a ship in the background, signed "Rudy"

Whale tooth scrimshaw of a whale in the foreground with a ship in the background, signed "Rudy"A beautiful scrimshaw on what appears to be a whale tooth with the name “Rudy”.  Very highly polished, the bottom edges show some crazing. beautifully lined scrimshaw with a dramatic scene of a whale in the foreground and the ship not far off.

Robert writes: “I am a 77 year old Vietnam Veteran and proud of it. I recently purchased at an estate sale an item I believe to be a scrimshaw tooth or tusk.I tried the hot needle test and the needle did not penetrate the item. I examined the item under magnification and the lines appear to vary in width and depth.

“The item bears the name Rudy. An internet search revealed a Dennis “Rudy” Waldroop (1950-2009). He had a shop in Tahlequah, OK however passes away in2009.

“I would appreciate any information on my piece. Is it a piece of junk,who carved it,approx. value, just anything.”

Whale tooth with the inscription "Rudy" Back of the tooth, "Mystery Artist 37"I’ve asked Robert to possibly send a picture of the  cavity at the base of the tooth, and will update this post if he’s able to do so.

Updated Pics from 7/16/2017:

Side shot of "Mystery Artist 37"Front shot of "Mystery Artist 37" with no shadowsBack of "Mystery Artist 37 - Rudy"whale tooth scrimshaw with no shadows

Anyone knowing more information on the artist or questions regarding the piece, please add a comment below.

Mystery Artist 36 – Eagle Scrimshaw with Signature “Andhi”

Scrimshaw carving of an eagle's head facing left, with a full color eagle scrimshawed on the neck.This is a fascinating piece.  Both a carving and a sculpture, it’s beautiful work that has been well cared for.  The base edge and the general shape makes it appear to be a sperm whale tooth.

Opposite side of the eagle sculpture and scrimshaw facing up.The artwork is in full color,expertly scrimmed with a spartan background that balances the work nicely.

The signature “Andhi” has some artistic flourishes to the left of the first initial.  My impression is that it may have come from Hawaii, but I could be way off.

Any ideas?  The owner would love to know more about the artist.  Reply in the comments below, and any more information I can get I’ll add to this post.Signature on the bottom of the eagle head scrimshaw and sculpture - "Andhi"

Mystery Artist 35 – From Alaska

Pewter and ivory bracelet of a ship in full sail

“This is a scrimshaw bracelet (pewter) that was a gift to me in 1975. It is from a friend in Alaska who said that he was told it was an antique when he bought it. It is about 2″ in diameter. The initials in the lower left look like ‘mq’ but the ‘q’ might be something else. Can you tell me anything about this piece? I can take more pics if you need them.


Hoping to get a closeup of the initials to better identify it.  We’d love it if anyone knowing of the artist or more history of the piece would respond.Pewter and ivory bracelet of a ship in full sail