Damascus & Camel Bone Scrimshaw – Commissioned Scrimshaw by Jason Webb

Top view of the Damacus folder with custom scrimshaw by Jason R. Webb

Click on the picture to see the whole process!

I always think I’m busy, but Jason has the goods to prove he never sits idle.  His latest work is a commissioned scrimshaw on a camel bone Damascus folder.  Hand delivered no less!  Scrimshawing bone is always a challenge since there are voids where there were once capillaries.  Careful successive sanding and polishing helps but there always seems to be one that you missed.  So far I haven’t seen any on Jason’s work, another testament to his patience and thoroughness.  I’m sure the proud owner of this knife will get years of enjoyment from Jason’s hard work.  Way to go, Jason!

You can see Jason’s work and attention to detail on his step-by-step photo page.

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Mystery Artist 17 – T. Donangelo

T DonAngelo scrimshaw gun grips

Clicking on the picture will bring you to the auction page. Scroll down there to see several more shots

A scrimshaw artist named T. DonAngelo has not only made this pair of grips, but had a catalog of work they had created and printed.  The name may be Trudy DonAngelo or Don Angelo, we’re not sure.  The flyers sometimes sell on auction, and we have an owner of a pair of gunstocks who would like to know more about this artist.  So far all we’ve found are the posters and the pics shown here.  Does anyone know the history of this artist and if they are still active?  Share your info in the comments below to help us find this mystery artist!

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Jason R. Webb Original for Sale

Jason R. Webb scrimshaw artist 20131128_160706-JasonJason R. Webb, notable scrimshaw artist has put his first ship on mammoth ivory up for sale.  Usually working on commission only, Jason’s ship (which traveled to Rhode Island and back last year) is available for interested parties EXCEPT in California, whose current laws appear to make it illegal to buy or sell ivory of any type.

It took Jason months of time to finish this ship, which is set on a beautiful wood stand.  Find out more and see the process in a series of photographs at scrimshaw.com.

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Mystery Artist 16 – Skip Powell (History Mystery)

Hunting Scene on mammoth ivory by Skip Powell in 1987This scrimshaw was done by the artist Skip Powell in 1987.  The owner is in search of more information about the artist and if they are still actively scrimshawing.  It depicts a hunting scene with hunters on horseback and hunting dogs in the foreground.  The brass plate says”Especially Commissioned for H.H.H.”.

Does anyone have any more information about this artist? This piece appears to be done on mammoth ivory. Leave a comment in the comment box if you know the whereabouts of the artist or any other information thay would prove helpful, and thanks for looking!

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Scrimshaw Down Under – Rod Lacey

Crocodile scrimshaw by Rod LaceyRod Lacey is a scrimshaw hobbyist from Cairns, Queensland Australia.  A jeweler and inventor by trade, his scrimshaw is a self-described obsession.  See some great pics and more information at http://www.scrimshaw.com/scrimshaw-artist-rod-lacey-australian-scrimshander/

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Mystery Artist #16 – Knight

Horse portrait on oval cabochon with the name KNIGHT in block lettersI could make a cheeky comment about this horse missing it’s knight, but we’re not giving up our blog for the comedy circuit.

We have an email from someone who has a beautifully scrimshawed horse on a pendant purchased in the Agoura California area in 1976 – 1977.  The name Knight is in block letters toward the bottom.  Its owner would love to find out more about the artist and if they are still creating scrimshaw, as well as any history about the piece.

Simply respond in the comments if you can help, it’s greatly appreciated by owners and artists alike.

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Scrimshaw Artist Jeff Fozard

Elk Scene on ivory with wood base

Elk Scene by Jeff “Fuzzy” Fozard

Jeff has been scrimshawing for about six years now on different ivories and shows his works at gun shows in the northwest Arkansas area.  He recently shared a few pics of his work that can be found by clicking on the pic to the left.  Welcome aboard, Jeff!

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Jason’s Heart Page and Post Updated

A quick aside, we inadvertently posted Jason R. Webb’s Heart Scrimshaw with a picture of the penciled in heart as the finished heart.  We’ve fixed that and appreciate Jason quickly letting us know of the error.

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Mystery Artist #15 – “FJ” Pendant

scrimshaw on pendant of what appears to be kelp under waterMystery Artist #15 has created what a pendant of what appears to be a piece of kelp floating under water, holding firmly to a rock on the bottom of the ocean.  The kelp motif would be known to any scuba diver or snorkeler.

From the LaConner Washington state area, the owner would love to know more about the artist.

Beautifully shaped piece of ivory with curved edges and a nice patina, which is almost certainly mammoth ivory.  Does anyone know the artist?  Please send comments below.

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You’ve Gotta Have Heart

Scrimshaw Heart ivory pendant on the left, coin on the right. (C) 2014 by Jason R. Webb

Scrimshaw Heart by Jason R. Web finished

Jason R. Webb has just shared one of his latest creations – a scrimshaw heart for a nurse on an oval cabochon.  Jason’s work is extremely detailed and the sequence of pics from scribed to finished is worth a look to both aspiring and accomplished scrimshanders.  Clicking on the pics will bring up larger images of the work on Jason’s Scrimshaw Heart page.

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