Starting a New Scrimshaw

Lighthouse Done
  Finally starting a new piece of scrimshaw!  It's been awhile, and I needed something away from most of the electronics.  With the phone in my back pocket and turned off so I don't accidentally dial anyone ("Sorry, I fat - er - fingered the phone and hit your number...."). I started the lighthouse that I really liked by Dennis Jarvis (see previous post).  Sadly the crashing waves to the left are off the picture, but I may take artistic license and create similar waves closer to the ...

Lighthouse Template from “Scrimspirations 2”

Scrimspirations 2 - 200 px x 280
Below is the template from the October 2015 Newsletter.  I try to include at least one template or pattern per newsletter to either use or inspire you to create a piece of scrimshaw.  It's fun and easy, and if you're like me, you tend to get lost in the work for awhile. Best of all, you have something to show once you've finished!  Clicking on the link will open a .pdf you can print out as a reference or as a template.  Use color, black and white or just set it near your workplace and begin ...
More – Where Passion Drives Creativity

Tiger scrimshaw on display stand
While the word "addiction" often conjures up negative images of a dependency on a substance, it is also defined as "enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity." It is in the latter definition that Rod Lacey has his addiction to scrimshaw.  His site, is not only an information site but also an illustrated diary of some of his beautiful work.  In his "Scrimshaw Walkthroughs" section, Rod shows you from start to finish not only his abilities as a scrimshaw...

Juma – A Composite Ivory Alternative

What is Juma? Juma consists of a mixture of different mineral based materials in a resin component. Unlike casein juma can be thermoformed using boiling water (according to Atlas Billiard supply.  Haven't tried it yet myself). Where does it come from? Sources include Atlas Billiard Supply ( and suppliers in Europe ( How well does it cut? Juma is a different chemical makeup - it tends to cut similar to casein though it's chip size is similar to Corian...

Just a quick note – Artists Page Updated

We've added a map to the Artists page (as I've been wanting to do for some time). The states in green are active with at least one artist linked to them on their own state page. This makes it easier for those interested to find out if there are artists in their area who may be able to do custom work.  Let me know if you're interested in having a link on the state page you reside in, I'll be happy to add you (no charge). With enough interest I may add other countries as well.  Thanks!
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Nostalgic “Grandpa” Scrimshaws

This is an excerpt from the May 2015 Newsletter.  You can get these delivered to your inbox free by subscribing to the right ---->   Thinking back to my grandparents, the Grampy's  always had some little thing that was special. They had the tiny pocket knife that always came in handy when you were fishing, the lighter with its trademark "click" before you smelled the sweet sceent of Borkum Riff tobacco curling from the pipe or the tie-tack or lapel pin they wore in ...

Sealing Bone Scales – Take 2

Last time, we tried just filling the voids in the bone scales with wax. This gave us spotty results - literally. Working with a couple of different formulations of cyanoacylate, we're at the point of - still looking. We attempted to follow the luthier's method of building up the material with the bone dust from sanding the bone smooth and used  Loctite Plastic Bonding System which had an "accelerator" in the form of a marker made for gluing difficult materials.  This didn't work well at a...