Mystery Artist #12 – CONFIRMED PL = Peter LaJoie?

Al Doucette, former owner of the Whale’s Tale in New Bedford, MA has confirmed the artist as Peter LaJoie  Thank you Al, the owner will be real pleased!

had done some research online and the only scrimshander I can find

Mystery Artist 12 - initials PL

Mystery Artist 12 - PL-4

Mystery Artist 12 - PL-3

Mystery Artist 12 - PL-2

Mystery Artist 12 - PL-1with the initials PL is Peter LaJoie. I was given this by a
boyfriend around 1976 or 1977; during high school in Cupertino,
California. I gave it the needle test and it passed with no smoke
 or smell! I read that it was rumored Peter lost his eyesight and
taught his daughters to carry on the craft. Could this be an
earlier work; before he lost sight?

I hope the pictures are okay, I’m a bit of a novice.

And, thanks for any information you can give!

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  1. I have been in the scrimshaw business for over 50 yrs DBA The Whales Tale New Bedford Ma Yes that piece is Peter Lajoie he did lots of work for me through the yrs he pasted on a few yrs ago but his wife and daughter still work for me doing scrim……Al Doucette

    1. Hi,
      I’m looking for information on an oval ivory scrimshawed “plaque” signed LAJOIE. It is an extremely detailed scene of what appears to be a 19th century dock scene of loading supplies onto a ship.
      It is similar in size to the ivory scrimshaw scenes I’ve seen on the top of Nantucket baskets.
      I purchased it about 7 years ago and am wondering what the current value might be. Do you have any advice?
      Thank you,
      Pat Van Deventer

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