Mystery Artist 16 – Skip Powell (History Mystery)

Hunting Scene on mammoth ivory by Skip Powell in 1987This scrimshaw was done by the artist Skip Powell in 1987.  The owner is in search of more information about the artist and if they are still actively scrimshawing.  It depicts a hunting scene with hunters on horseback and hunting dogs in the foreground.  The brass plate says”Especially Commissioned for H.H.H.”.

Does anyone have any more information about this artist? This piece appears to be done on mammoth ivory. Leave a comment in the comment box if you know the whereabouts of the artist or any other information thay would prove helpful, and thanks for looking!

3/12/16 – Thanks, William – the work may indeed be from Skip Rowell.  About 5 minutes in, you can see an interview via Youtube. Would love to verify that this is indeed from this artist.

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  1. I know Skip . He is alive and still working. He wrote a book and is having another coffee table book published soon. When I see him again I’ll show him this. Might be an early work by him? He usually signs his pieces.

    1. Hi Henry, and thanks for your response! Would love to hear Skip’s response and if you know the names of his books, I’ll be happy to put links on my site for those interested.


      Andrew Perkins

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