Mystery Artist 20 – Two Teeth from “Mageee”

From Florida we recently had an inquiry regarding two scrimshawed whale teeth, from what appears to be two different artists.  John writes:
“… I came across your website looking for some info on two pieces of Scrimshaw Art that my father left for me when he died. I know nothing about the art, so I figured I should find an expert.
Is there anyway you can help me identify these two pieces? Artist, medium, worth?
I will eventually sell them in case you do that. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend me. …”

Below you can see the artwork and two drastically different teeth – one very pointy and one very rounded. Both could have been from the same whale, but it’s doubtful.  The first tooth has the initials “E F” while the second has the interesting signature of a number and a seagull, which should lead us to at least the second artist quickly (we hope):

Rounded whale tooth with a ship and a lighthouse scrimshawed on the one side.
Whale Tooth 1 from Mystery Artist(s) #20


Base showing the nerve cavity of Mystery Artist #20 - the rounded whale tooth with the ship and the lighthouse
Base of Mystery Artist 20


Left side of Mystery Artist #20 tooth #2 showing a ship
Left Side of Mystery Artist #20 tooth #2


Base of Mystery Artist #20 tooth #2 showing the nerve cavity
Mystery Artist #20, tooth #2 base


Opposite side of Mystery Artist #20 tooth #2 with the signature 140 and the seagull
The mysterious signature “140” with the Seagull


Sperm Whale Teeth, Oxford
From, a photo of the lower jaw of a sperm whale with the different shapes of it’s teeth

Any ideas?  Feel free to comment below, we hope to find more information about the artist(s) if at all possible.

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