Mystery Artist #5

Mystery Artist #5 "The Constitution"
Mystery Artist #5 “The Constitution” click on the picture for a larger image.
The Bonhomme Richard and Serapis
Mystery Artist #5, “BONHOMME RICHARD And SERAPIS” click on the picture for a larger image.

Mystery Artist #5

has done scrimshaw on some material other than ivory, but has done such good work, that another veteran scrimshander (who has been scrimming for 28 years) is looking for more information on the artist:

“…the plaques are on some kind of material other than Ivory  I did not do a test but it does not feel or look like Ivory. I have had these apart and found nothing on the back.

“The plaque measures 3-1/2 x4-1/2 x 1/4in thick and is glued in a wooden frame. the reason I made the inquiry is that the scrimshaw is done so well, thinking maybe a reproduction of some kind. I have been doing scrim since 1984 so I have handled different materials,this is such a nice set I would like to know the artist. thank you for your help.


So – 1/4″ thick, glued into a wooden frame, no markings.  Any clues or guesses?  Feel free to write us at

6/22/2012 Our friends at helped shed some light on the subject:

Vintage Maritime Ship Wall Plaques were recently sold on eBay.  According to the seller: “…I believe these were Victorian/Edwardian or later souvenier items, made to look like scrimshaw, moulded and glued in the man made frames which have been painted and backing cloth is no longer existing…”

7/26/2012 – Update:

“An anonymous artist has given us the following information: ‘The plaques pictured were created from several Master patterns on Resin plaques & replica whale teeth & walrus tusks..This was around 35 years ago… ” “…a company called Juratone who specialised in very high quality reproduction items….Such as scrimshaw netsuke & art deco bronze & ivory figures. …”

2 Replies to “Mystery Artist #5”

  1. Dear sir ,
    I just bought some american scrimshaws but I have no informations about them, some of them are signed;I’m living in France; please how can I get informations, may I send you some pictures? Thank you
    Best regards

    1. Dear Philippe,

      Thanks for writing! We’d love to see what you have purchased, and will be happy to help you. email clear pictures (use the “macro” setting on your camera or place them on a flatbed scanner, covering them with a dark cloth to block out other light sources). Send them to: If we cannot find the artist or any information, we will be glad to put the pictures up on our “mystery artist” page – we’ve had some luck identifying the artists there through the scrimshaw community.
      Looking forward to seeing your scrimshaw!

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