Scrimshaw Mystery Artist # 4 – Tree Motif, West Coast

I went slack jawed when I saw this (and that’s not my usual response to a piece of scrimshaw!) – this beautiful piece was purchased in Tonopa Nevada at a liquor store between 1977-1980. The seller had said the piece originated in Alaska.

The bracelet appears to be sterling silver with the initials AL PL EE 60 on the back.  I’ll see if the owner can get a clear picture of the initials as well.  The owner is looking for any history or information about the artist.  Do you have any information on the artist?  We’d love to hear from you!  Simply add a comment below if you have any information that can you feel can help.

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  1. i was wondering if there is a apprentership out there that can advance one skills as a scrimshaw artist? east coast,or west coast anywhere does not matter?

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