Belle Ochs – Florida Scrimshaw Artist

Belle Ochs' Lion PortraitBelle Ochs and her husband Charles live in Florida and create beautiful scrimshaw and custom knives respectively.  Belle has been scrimming for over thirty years, and the detail is that of a practiced hand.  Creating wildlife, native American portraits and more on both pre-embargo ivory and mammoth ivory, her work is beautiful.  She doesn’t appear to shy away from the challenge of ancient ivory, incorporating it’s timeless beauty into her works of art and jewelry.  Her site can be seen at, while her husband’s knives can be seen at

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Belle Ochs
Scrimshaw artist Belle Ochs.

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    1. Hi Bill, what state are you located in? There are many scrimshanders peppered throughout the US and Europe. Let me know and I’ll see if I can connect you with one of many talented artists. ==Andrew

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