Jason R. Webb Skull Scrimshaw November 2013

Jason continues his work on skull and cross scrimshaw on ivory with his latest work.  The detail on the skull as well as the cross are great examples of his attention to detail.  We especially like the shading on the tips of the cross.

Skull sketched on an ivory oval.
Skull initial inking next to a coin for scale
Jason-Webb-Skull-2013-11-15-5 cross scribed on the back of the oval.
Back of skull oval with cross
Jason-Webb-Skull-2013-11-15-3 right half of the ink wiped away to reveal the finished image.
Skull with half of the ink wiped off. Coin displayed for scale.
Skull scrimshaw by Jason Webb - finished skull scrimshaw with coin to the left shown for scale
Skull scrimshaw front, finished with coin to the left to show scale.


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