Jason R. Webb Skull and Skeleton Scrimshaw

Below you will find several pictures of Jason’s skeleton scrimshaw (scrimshaws?) He has done these on Deer skullcap as well as reusing other ivory. Clicking on the image brings up a full-size image.

Profile of skull on a deer skullcap
Skull Scrimshaw on Deer Skullcap
Jason R. Webb scrimshaw of ribcage on a deer skullcap
Skeleton ribcage that “didn’t come out too well” according to Jason
Jason R. Webb's scrimshaw on an ivory piece before inking
Jason’s skeleton scrimshaw before inking
Skeleton Inked after completing the initial scrimming on a carved ivory piece he'd found
Jason R. Webb’s Skeleton Inked after completing the initial scrimming


Jason's finished scrimshaw skeleton on ivory with quarter to show scale
Jason’s finished scrimshaw skeleton on ivory.
Skeleton by Jason R Webb with addtion of embellishment on the top.
Final embellishment at the customer’s request balances it out nicely.


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  1. The ribcage shown is just in pencil, and after scratching it out and inking it, there were way to many little blood vessel tubes and imperfections in the bone that no amount of sanding and polishing could fix. Normally I would just meticulously pick them out with my scribe, but this piece just had too many, so I just re-sanded, polished and waxed it. The customer was fine with just the two skulls on it though, so everything worked out.

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