Scrimspirations – Illustrations to Scrimshaw and Other News

We’ve been busier at home than on the site throughout the winter which has finally left us. We’ve been busy creating illustrations, testing out alternative materials and doing too little scrimshawing.

Scrimspirations – Book 1 is a collection of photos with accompanying illustrations created especially for scrimshaw artists. Each photo comes with hand lined templates from 0.5″ up to 3.0″ so you can easily transfer the image to your material of choice.

Collage 7
Collage of current illustrations.

Some of the materials we’ve worked on include acrylic – an easy to use plastic that comes in many colors, “alternative ivory” – a molded polyester with a grain pattern, paper micarta, used most often as knife handles, casein – which is a plastic made from milk (we were able to get some from England where they stopped making it in the late ’70’s) and other materials.  We’ll be showing our findings here over the next several weeks.

There are laws they are attempting to pass that could impact the use and sale of ivory which are alarming not only to scrimshaw artists, but musicians as well.  In short, the previous laws passed to protect the whales was well thought out and measured. The laws they are currently debating, if passed, would make it very difficult if not impossible to re-enter the country with musical instruments which have ivory as their parts (such as guitars, violin bows, pianos, bagpipes and more) without being confiscated. read more here.

The New Bedford Whaling Museum will host the 26th annual Scrimshaw Weekend May 16-18. This internationally renowned event is the world’s only regular forum where collectors, dealers, curators, folk art and whaling history buffs share their interests in the indigenous art of whalers. see more at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

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